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Creative Resources in Archives

Last month Joy, Julie and I had the pleasure of visiting Nick Leigh, the son of the sculptor Roger Leigh (1925-1997), to see some of Roger Leigh’s sculptures as well as a huge variety of archival material. We brought the archive back to the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre as a new deposit under the…… Continue reading Creative Resources in Archives

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Creative Wiltshire & Swindon on Show!

The many and varied items created by people in Wiltshire were on show at the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre Open Day, 31st October 2015, marking the very first time that members of the public have been able to view the results of the on going Creative Wiltshire & Swindon project at close hand.   Acquired as part…… Continue reading Creative Wiltshire & Swindon on Show!


Eye-Catching Acquisitions!

We are very excited to announce that as part of the Creative Wiltshire & Swindon HLF funded Collecting Cultures Project we have been able to acquire some beautiful photographs from the talented wildlife photographer Nick Upton. Nick has lived in Box for 21 years and the photographs we have acquired can be seen as a…… Continue reading Eye-Catching Acquisitions!


The Beauty of a Tanner

One of our recent purchases has been an original etching by Robin Tanner of Kington Langley. We have mentioned him in our previous post ‘A Taste of What’s to Come’ with the hope that we could acquire some of his work for the Wiltshire & Swindon Local Studies Photograph and Print Collection… We struck it…… Continue reading The Beauty of a Tanner


‘Painting is no longer merely a craft, it is a form of personal research’…..

The combination of creativity and the instinct of an artist with a deep knowledge of human and animal behaviour; this is how Martina Challis introduces Desmond Morris to us in ‘The Artistic Ape: three million years of art’ by Desmond Morris. We have purchased this as part of our creative Wiltshire project to acknowledge the…… Continue reading ‘Painting is no longer merely a craft, it is a form of personal research’…..


Wiltshire Enters Discworld – and we say a fond farewell to Sir Terry

Sir Terry Pratchett lived in south Wiltshire for many years and is well known in the county for his work at literary, community and charity events. In some recent books the influence of the chalk landscape in which he lived has been very apparent. However it is his book Raising Steam that has recently been added to the Wiltshire…… Continue reading Wiltshire Enters Discworld – and we say a fond farewell to Sir Terry


Swindon’s Artistic ‘Hammerman’

It is not only the amazing Wiltshire landscape which helps produce creativity; as our research progresses, we are discovering just how much creative people across the county provide inspiration and support to each other. A case in kind is the Swindon born artist Ken White who, like the ‘Hammerman’ poet Alfred Williams before him, started…… Continue reading Swindon’s Artistic ‘Hammerman’


‘Best meal of the day’ as they say across the pond….

As our research gains momentum we are starting to find items that have interesting Wiltshire links. The image may be familiar but can you work out where it is from? Anyone who remembers buying vinyl in 1979 may recognise this album as ‘Breakfast in America’ by Supertramp which sold over 19 million copies worldwide. It…… Continue reading ‘Best meal of the day’ as they say across the pond….


Dorothy L. Sayers, Lord Peter Wimsey and Salisbury.

Welcome! We are just over a month into our Creative Wiltshire project and are busy developing a collections policy as well as researching material to enable us to compile a database of creative people with a Wiltshire connection. This is proving fascinating as it can highlight gaps in our collection and while looking at older…… Continue reading Dorothy L. Sayers, Lord Peter Wimsey and Salisbury.