land art

Wiltshire’s Chalk Artistry

White chalk horses carved into hills are a staple of the Wiltshire countryside. Many have been lost to time and poor maintenance, but several remain as prominent landmarks. In fact, so many have been made that in the mid-twentieth century, an author called Morris Marples created the term ‘leucippotomy’ to describe the process. There are…… Continue reading Wiltshire’s Chalk Artistry


Seeing the individual in the landscape

The artist Michael Cullimore was born in Bradford on Avon in 1936, moving to Wales in 1968 and then on to Devon in 1997. He studied at Swindon College of Art before moving on to Goldsmith’s College of Art, later becoming Curator at the University College of North Wales Bangor Art Gallery from 1972 to…… Continue reading Seeing the individual in the landscape