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ARTeology is a project in which artists will respond to the Creative Wiltshire Collection, beginning with visits, research and discussion, and culminating in a curated exhibition.

Uncover : Discover : Create

This sums up the approach and we hope that by focusing on these new acquisitions for some of our Wiltshire Museums, our selected artists will enjoy discovering work by other creators who have been inspired by our county; and be stimulated to produce new work based on their research.

Launch day – as the artists begin to uncover …

The project format should allow this journey of discovery and is expected to follow the path below:-

  • Regular responsive sessions, some being held at the research room, Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, Chippenham
  • Recording experiences, documentation and consider partners and choices of object
  • Personal research into collections, stories and other areas of related interest
  • Organise time to look at sources and make appropriate contacts
  • Building and strengthening networks
  • Engaging and advocating the project
  • Creating new artwork in response to studies
  • Creating an exhibition which showcases new, responsive artwork by artists offering a new perspective and interpretation of the Creative Wiltshire collection
  • Launching the exhibition with a celebratory event
  • Documenting the project and the process
  • Reviewing and learning from the project

Our artists will be able to visit museums in Wiltshire and examine their chosen items, familiarising themselves with the fantastic collections we have in the county and in turn building up a picture of the way other artists and creators work. Often this type of research will lead us to unexpected places so we are very excited to follow their progress and understand how they are challenging themselves and their own methods of working.

Creative Wiltshire has developed as it has progressed – we have been led by our Curators and found some wonderful new creative material to enhance our holdings – now we hope that you will all enjoy the culmination of the work so far as we use our acquisitions as the basis for exhibition, education and general enjoyment for all.

Why not visit Swindon Museum and Art Gallery as their Creative Wiltshire exhibition opens this week? It runs from Tuesday 11th April 2017  until Saturday 1st July 2017.












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