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Salisbury’s Creative Displays

My colleague Joy and I had a trip over the Plain to Salisbury last week, carrying with us some very fragile cargo in the form of pictures and textiles acquired as part of the Creative Wiltshire project.

Adrian Green, Curator of The Salisbury Museum was delighted, and the material that the museum has acquired as part of the project will form an exciting future exhibition at the museum. Items include paintings by Dora Noyes, Wilfred de Glen, John S. Goodall and Nick Andrew, etchings by Howard Phipps and textiles by Nancy Nicholson which join glassware by Laurence Whistler and a sculpture by Jonathan Wylder. The museum is currently exhibiting the work of Turner, their first ever exhibition devoted to J M W Turner’s drawings and paintings of Salisbury Cathedral, the city and its surroundings; well worth a visit.

Monday Morning painting
Project Officer Julie Davis taking receipt of the watercolour painting ‘Monday Morning’ by Dora Noyes, acquired for the Creative Wiltshire project

Our next port of call was to the Young Gallery situated with Salisbury Library, which has already been in receipt of its new Creative Wiltshire acquisitions (drawings by Christopher Wood and etchings by Robin Tanner and David Inshaw) but we wanted the opportunity to take a look at the newly refurbished galleries, and very lovely they were too!

EYG 11
Exhibition of work created by local schools at the Young Gallery, Salisbury

The photography display showcasing the work of various professionals was stunning, but we particularly enjoyed seeing the work which has been done with local schools using books and old maps. What an amazing variety of type and style of creative work. A refreshing and interesting display showing that creativity is still very much alive and well in Salisbury!

Work with old maps at the Young Gallery, Salisbury

Julie Davis

Project Officer

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