New Acquisitions make the Ramsbury Connection

We’ve been able to acquire some more beautiful ceramics pieces for which the Swindon Museum & Art Gallery will become proud owners. Both have a connection to Ramsbury, but for different generations creating a wonderful link with a Wiltshire community over time.

Peter Holdsworth

Peter moved to Ramsbury in 1945 and opened a pottery, known as the Ramsbury Pottery, with his wife and began producing material in the English Studio Style. His pots have been sold in Britain and overseas, including at Harrods. Although Peter passed away in 1967 his wife continued with the pottery for a while.

Trevor Chaplin

Trevor has lived in Ramsbury since 1976, retiring in 2012. Trevor’s pots reflect his free spirit and love of the countryside where he was brought up and has lived for most of his life. His work attempts to capture observations from his surroundings, where pre-historic relics and modern day co-exist. Most of Trevor’s pots are thrown on the potters wheel. Waves of thick liquid clays are applied over the surface, creating texture, colour and movement.

“My interest in sodium-glazed pottery began when I was a teenager. I would sprinkle washing powder, salt and ‘Vim’ over the surface of my wet pots. When fired in my small electric kiln it would create a glaze. Today, my pottery is all fired in a gas kiln, some 30 times larger and dedicated to soda-glazed pottery. My pots are all made to be used and enjoyed in the home.”

Trevor is also a Professional Member of the Craft Potter’s Association. You can see his potters mark here; the design complimenting the piece itself.

Swindon Museum & Art Gallery are showcasing one of Trevor’s pieces on display here at the ‘Recent Acquisitions’ section on their website http://swindonmuseumandartgallery.org.uk/recent-acquisitions/ They are extremely pleased with the latest additions to their ceramics collection.

Quote taken from Newbury & District Arts Association website http://www.newburyarts.co.uk/ArttsGalls/Trevor_Chaplin.shtml

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