Guest blog: Hanne Dahl, Exhibition and Arts Officer at Trowbridge Museum talks about the ideas behind this year’s West of England Festival of Textiles (WEFT)

This forthcoming exhibition reminds us of the importance of the textile industry in Wiltshire

The Arts in Wiltshire

WEFT is a biennial festival of textiles that takes place in the West. It was developed 11 years ago and aims to highlight the history of textile production in this area through exhibiting contemporary work by regional crafters. Over the years WEFT has grown to become a great venue for crafters to display their work and for the audience to encounter the creative, vibrant works that are happening in the West of England.

Having recently started in the role of Exhibition and Arts Officer, I am organising this exhibition for the first time. My own background is one of working and volunteering in a number of galleries and museums via an M.A in Art History from Copenhagen University. As a keen crafter myself, weaving spinning and dying is close to my heart and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to volunteer at the Welsh Quilt Centre, which gave…

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