‘Best meal of the day’ as they say across the pond….

The Supertramp album 'Breakfast in America'
The Supertramp album ‘Breakfast in America’

As our research gains momentum we are starting to find items that have interesting Wiltshire links. The image may be familiar but can you work out where it is from?

supertramp - multi

Anyone who remembers buying vinyl in 1979 may recognise this album as ‘Breakfast in America’ by Supertramp which sold over 19 million copies worldwide. It is one of those classic albums that everybody had in their collection at that time and probably conjures up memories of friends and experiences, transporting you back to late night listening and a pre digital world. The image shows the band partaking of their own American breakfast and includes Rick Davies, from Swindon, he founded the band with Roger Hodgson in 1969. Rick is the one pouring sugar onto his copy of the Swindon Advertiser, second from the left. The photo is credited to Mark Hanauer and one wonders if each band member chose their own newspaper to hold. Rick wrote a number of songs on the album and while originally a drummer he also played keyboards, harmonica and melodica. Friendly with Gilbert O’Sullivan and Ken White, they shared accommodation in 1960s London. Enjoy the memory.

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